Have you been to Las Vegas lately?

Las Vegas is a beautiful place to visit and is filled with many exciting and fun things to do.  I was lucky enough to recently go to Las Vegas for 5 days.  I was in awe of all the beautiful sights.

The Fountains at the Bellagio
New York New York
The Statue of Liberty at New York New York
The Gondolas at the Venetian
Bellagio Water Fountain and the Eiffel Tower at Paris Hotel


I particularly enjoyed taking part in the interactive display The CSI Experience that was inside MGM Grand.


It was very interesting as you become a Crime Scene Investigator.  You get to wear an official CSI vest and are given a sheet that provides you with steps to follow and spaces to write your observations.  At the end, you get to input all of your findings and receive a diploma.  They take graduation photos of you wearing and holding cool gear.


Are you intrigued to learn more about Forensics and Crime Scene Investigation?

There are many interesting books on forensics and crime scene investigation.  Here are a few that we have in our collection.

Forensics : What Bugs, Burns, Prints, DNA, And More Tell Us About Crime. by Val McDermid


Trail of Blood: A Father, a Son and a Tell-Tale Crime Scene Investigation by Wanda Evans
trail of blood book

The Crime Scene : How Forensic Science Works by Mark W. Dale

crime scene














Back to School For The Adult Learner



Congratulations on taking the first step to furthering your education! Returning to school as an adult has its own challenges and opportunities. Here are a few links you may find helpful!

Handy Checklist of Steps! And important things to keep in mind.

Grants for Adults Financial assistance isn’t only for teenagers.

Tips for Your First Day Prepare before you set foot in the classroom ( or online learning community)

Chart Your Goals And you will be on your way.

Is Online Learning Right for You? Find out with this informative article.

Back To School


While it seems like we just celebrated the beginning of summer, the first day of school is just around the corner! In addition to the excitement of purchasing a new backpack and clothes, there is the anticipation of new experiences like joining high school and college clubs, meeting new friends and fun social activities.

Here are some links you may find helpful:

Get Organized! Stay on top of your assignments and track your goals!

Don’t Stress! Learn tools to help manage your worries!

Your First Day! You won’t forget anything with this handy checklist!

Teen School Supplies from Pinterest  Fun backpacks, notebooks and what to keep in your locker!

Digital Public Library of America


Have you visited this awesome website before?  Here you are able to browse through millions of articles, photographs and other items from libraries, museums and archives.

Interested in searching for an item by its color? Color Browse allows you to do just that.

Searching for events that occurred on a certain date in history? Timeline makes that possible.

Explore By Place gives the option of clicking through in interactive map and locating an area of interest and its history.

Who’s Your Daddy?

Happy Father’s Day! The Top Ten Worst Fictional Fathers:

10. George Gulden: One True Thing 

ONE TRUE THING, William Hurt, 1998, (c)Universal

Ellen Gulden has a high-pressured job writing for New York magazine, and when her mother is diagnosed with cancer, her father pressures her to come home to care for her. A college professor and one-time novelist, George has largely been absent from Ellen’s life and she comes to see that though she idolized him, he is selfish and self-centered and appears to have no compassion for his ailing wife.

9. Mr. Wormwood: Matilda


While most fathers on this list are downright evil, Matilda’s father is here because he is not able to see his daughter for the genius she is and routinely belittles her aspirations and dreams.  He is also a criminal, who enjoys nothing more than scamming people with junkyard cars. While Matilda is very bright and loves to read, her father tells her, ” I’m smart, you’re dumb, I’m big, you’re little. Deal with it.”  Eventually the forces of karma move swiftly and he gets what he deserves.

8. Lucius Malfoy: Happy Potter World


Lucius Malfoy is a pure-blood supremacist and detests anyone he believes to be beneath his social and magical standing. He imparts his elitist views to his son, Draco, who grows up to be a bully with a sense of superior entitlement.  Luckily, Draco’s is one of many lives that Harry saves.

7. King Lear: King Lear


Not encouraging animosity between your children is one thing parents are supposed to do, but King Lear missed that memo.  He succumbs to the insincere flattery of his two older daughters and divides his kingdom between them while his youngest daughter who truly loves and respects him, Cordelia, is banished. When King Lear finally realized his grave mistakes it’s too late.

6. Franklin Khatchadurian: We Need To Talk About Kevin


While some of the fathers on this list believe their children could do no right, Franklin believes his son Kevin, can do no wrong. Kevin is emotionally detached and brutal in his treatment of others and so cunning in concealing his true nature that his sociopathy goes long undetected until he is finally revealed as a high-school rampage killer. Franklin is so manipulated by his son that he refuses to see the truth and has not the intention nor the courage to confront it.

5. Walter White: Breaking Bad


Walter didn’t start out bad. Diagnosed with terminal lung cancer in the first episode, Walter White is a high-school chemistry teacher with one special needs child and a new baby on the way. Out of love for them and a desire to provide, he partners with a former student and uses his expert knowledge to eventually become the leading creator of drugs in the American southwest. Ruthless against those who oppose him and addicted to power, he continually puts the lives of his family at risk, eventually alienating those for whom  he loves and cares.

4. Michael Henchard: The Mayor of Casterbridge 


An alcoholic and chronic gambler, he sells his wife and baby daughter for five pounds at a fair. When he is reunited with his now older daughter he treats her horribly. Like all bad dads, when he is sorry it’s way too late.

3. Jack Torrance: The Shining 


A recovering alcoholic fired from his last teaching job and a struggling novelist, Jack takes a job as a caretaker for a haunted hotel in a secluded remote area of the mountains. During winter. With a history of bad behavior and violence, maybe not the brightest idea, but he moves his wife and young son, Danny, to the isolated hotel and they all hope for the best. Danny “shines” though and is sensitive to the malevolent forces that seem present in the hotel and his father. Who could forget how terrifying the word,”redrum” scratched on the mirror looked and the chase through the hedge maze in the snow? The book is terrifying and Jack Nicholson is awesome in the movie.

2. Darth Vader: The Star Wars world


Maybe the worst father in any alternate universe? Not counting all the evil things he did before finding his son, the way he told Luke that he was his father and then cruelly cuts off his hand when his son refuses to turn his back on the Jedis, is particularly heartless. When he finds out he also has a daughter, he destroys her planet just to show who’s boss. But then again, nobody from the dark side is a good guy. Or dad.

1. Everybody on Game of Thrones 


From Tywin Lannister, who blames his youngest son Tyrion, for his mother’s death in childbirth and holds it against him his whole life, so much so that he has Tyrion framed for murder and then beds the love of his life. ( But sometimes the forces of karma move quickly in GOT as in real life) to Roose Bolton, who turns a blind eye to his son Ramsey who has become the worst kind of sadist. North of the Wall is Craster, who marries his own daughters and abandons his infant sons to die in the frozen woods. And Stannis Baratheon, who has his only daughter burned alive in a blood magic ritual that he believes would bring is ever thirsty self the power he greatly covets.

Summer Reading Program

The Berwyn Library’s Summer Reading Program is in full swing.  It runs until August 6th. Kids sign up for the Children’s SRP at the Youth Service Desk, Teens sign up at the Teen Services Desk and Adults sign up at the Reader’s Advisory Desk.

2016 SRP Adult 2

Several staff members have already signed up.  The first book I plan on reading is The Midnight Assassin by Skip Hollandsworth.  It is a book from my favorite section- True Crime.  (Click on the book for more information regarding this interesting book.)midnight assassin


Bretagne, Last Surviving 9/11 Rescue Dog, Laid To Rest


Bretagne, the last surviving rescue dog who worked at Ground Zero following the 9/11 terrorist attacks was laid to rest on Monday. Her handler, Denise Corliss adopted an 8-week-old Golden Retriever puppy in 1999 and after 25 and 30 hour training weeks they qualified as a dog/handler team for Texas Task Force 1 in 2000.

 Their first deployment was the Twin Towers.

 Bretagne (pronounced Brit-nee) was one of 300 rescue dogs who assisted firefighters and police officers at Ground Zero.

Dr. Cindy Otto, a veterinarian who worked with rescue dogs said, “those dogs brought the power of hope. They removed the gloom for just an instant — and that was huge because it was a pretty dismal place to be.”

After 9/11, Bretagne was deployed to Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Ivan and others. At age 9, she retired from search and rescue but continued to work as a reading assistance dog.

16-year-old Bretagne was given a hero’s salute as she and Corliss entered the animal hospital for the last time.


To read more about these wonderful rescue dogs click on the titles below to be directed to our library catalog:

 Dog Heroes of September 11 A Tribute to America’s Search and Rescue Dogs   51OvkQLir2L._AC_UL320_SR292,320_

Scent of the Missing: Love and Partnership With a Search and Rescue Dog


Angel Dogs: Diving Messengers Of Love




With Senator Bernie Sanders’s bid this year, for president of the United States, you might be thinking of visiting his home state of Vermont for your next vacation. I drove to Vermont in 2013, to celebrate the birthday of our nation’s 30th president, Calvin Coolidge, who was born in Plymouth Notch, Vermont, Fourth of July, 1872, the only president of our nation, born on Independence Day. The Berwyn Public Library  has some resources to plan a trip to Vermont. A good place to start could be Reader’s Digest’s, The Most Scenic Drives in America. In addition, the library owns a biography of Calvin Coolidge, Coolidge, by Amity Shlaes. Another book I found useful was Mud Season, by Ellen Stimson. It’s a contemporary read about a woman who moved to Vermont to start a business.