We love the new trend in social media where we get to post what three fictional characters best describe us. Please tell us your three in the comments below!

Deb:  Clarice Starling: The Silence of the  Lambs,  Louisa Clark: Me Before You, and Scout Finch: To Kill a Mockingbird


Kristen: Hermione: The Harry Potter series, Novalee Nation: Where the Heart Is, and Hazel Grace: The Fault in Our Stars


Mary: Dorothy Parker, Temperance Brennan: Bones, and Alice: Alice in Wonderland


 Verna:  Lizzie: Pride and Prejudice, Badger: The Wind in the Willows, and Princess Giselle: Enchanted

3 thoughts on “#ThreeFictionalCharacters”

  1. The first one was easy: Jo from Little Women (as well as her creator, Louisa May Alcott),
    but I’ve had to really think about the second two, and finally decided on Flora in The Bees by Laline Paull and Luz Avila in The Butterfly’s Daughter by Mary Alice Monroe.


  2. Love this idea! Choices were fun to make! I ‘d pick Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice, Scout Finch from TO Kill a Mockingbird, and Selina Peake from So Big.


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