Travel 2

Have you been thinking about going on a road trip?  Or taking a plane to somewhere fun and exciting?  If so, you have to check out our TRAVEL section located in Reference on the lower level.  Accompanying many useful travel books, DVD’s and magazines are some beautiful posters of great travel destinations.  Come on down and check it out today!  You may get some really great ideas.

What’s cooking?

Check out our new cookbook section at BPL. Books are now divided into the following sections: Celebrations, Desserts, Famous Chefs, Healthy Eating, Meat, Misc, Seafood and World. This makes it easy to find exactly the right recipe you need! Come in, take a look, and let us know what you think. Time to get cookin!!


The Soul of an Octopus by Sy Montgomery


The Soul of an Octopus by Sy Montgomery reveals the world of these magnificent creatures. Do they have thoughts, feelings and emotions, a soul? The author explores the complex and playful nature of these beautiful, intelligent creatures in her engrossing book. I couldn’t put it down, especially in the light of the current news story of Inky the octopus who escaped from a New Zealand aquarium.

Welcome To Our New Blog!


Hello! Welcome to the blog of The Berwyn Public Library’s Reference Department. This blog is dedicated to you, and we will be sharing our best tips, tricks and strategies to help you find information the quickest and most thorough way possible. We will share our favorite websites, books and databases and highlight upcoming events at our library. Please leave us a comment with your suggestions. We hope you’ll follow us. Thank you!